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The Sustainability Summit Working Groups support a global initiative driving change in the paradigms of manufacturing, trade, labor and resource management, urban administration and living. They explore the role of intelligent ICT Infrastructures in the context of today's metropolises and of our globe-spanning supply chains.

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Ministers gather at Sustainability Summit 2014 World players debate global development goals, focusing on policies, resources and programs for sustainable development

Strategic societal and economic development goals were discussed in Abu Dhabi on February 24-25 at the Sustainability Summit, by government ministers from around the world, top representatives of international non-government organizations and decision makers from both public and private sectors. High-ranking delegates from 35 countries joined policy makers from around the world and pioneering innovators from the EMEA region at Wise Media’s seventh summit on sustainable development. The Sustainability Summit was hosted under the patronage of UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, His Highness Lieutenant General Sheik Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, endorsed by the European Commission and the Emirates Identity Authority and opened its doors at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research.

His Highness Sheik Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan offered the Summit's opening remarks, hosted ministerial meetings on February 23 and 24 and participated in policy makers meetings before visiting the exhibition on February 25. Government ministers from 7 nations, top representatives of international non- government organizations and decision makers from the public and private sectors contributed to a rich agenda of proceedings and exclusive meetings. The Secretary General of Interpol, the Inter-Regional Adviser of the United Nations and the Director International Relations of the European Commission cut the ribbon on the opening day of the Sustainability Summit.

Sustainability Summit final report (click here to download)

Ministers from seven nations attended
Sustainability Summit 2014

Government ministers from seven different countries, high profile representatives of the United Nations and the European Commission, the Secretary General of Interpol and decision makers from leading organizations from around the world participated in Wise Media’s Sustainability Summit, featuring ID WORLD Abu Dhabi, Future Cities, Postal Innovation and the Global Migration Summit. The event was held on February 24 & 25 hosted under the patronage of UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, H.H. Sheik Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan and endorsed by the Emirates Identity Authority and the European Commission.


Sustainability Summit Conference Agenda (click here to download)

Sustainability Summit 2014:
World stage players speaking at Wise Media's
seventh Summit in Abu Dhabi on February 24-25

The program of the congress features the following conferences: Future Cities Conference, ID WORLD Abu Dhabi and Global Migration Summit.

Among the confirmed speakers, the Summit sees the active participation of government representatives and end users including:
• Richard Kerby, Inter-Regional Adviser - United Nations USA
• Ronald Noble, Secretary General - Interpol
• Luigi Soreca, Director General Home Affairs - European Commission
• H.E. Atef Helmy, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Egypt
• H.E. Karim Sinjari, Minister of the Interior, Kurdistan
• Hon A.Silima Pereira, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Tanzania
• H.E. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Information, Posts and Telecommunication, Somalia
• Dr. Ali Al Khouri, Director General - Emirates Identity Authority, UAE
• Dr. Ahmet Sarican, General Director, General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality - Ministry of the Interior, Turkey
• Dr. Reinhard Posch, CIO - Federal Government, Austria
• Rando Kruusmaa, Deputy Director of Border Issues - Ministry of the Interior, Estonia
• Frank Leyman, Manager International Relations - Federal Public Service for ICT (FEDICT), Belgium
• Lt. Col. Faisal Al Shimmari, Central Operations Directorate - Abu Dhabi Police
• Marwan Abedin, CEO - Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)
• Belinda Scott, Snr. Mgr. Corporate Sustainability - National Bank of Abu Dhabi
• Hariprasad Chede, Senior Manager Information Security - National Bank of Fujairah, UAE
• Sayed Aqa, Resident Representative for UAE - United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
• Shane Brown, Acting Executive Director Safety and Security - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa
• Dr. Jan De Kinder, Director General - National Institute of Criminalistics and Criminology, Belgium
• Joseph Nugent, Director of Passport Services - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ireland
• Sinisa Macan, Director General - Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange, Bosnia Erzegovina
• Charis Negrăo Tonhozi, Commissioner of Police - Paranŕ Police, Brazil
• Habiba Al Marashi, President & CEO - Arabia CSR Network
• Mohamed Al Madfaei, Exceutive Director - Environmental Agency, Abu Dhabi
• Ramiz Alaileh, Manager, Powerwise Office - Regulation & Supervision Bureau

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Sustainability Summit 2014, Abu Dhabi February 24-25 (Download the Brochure, Download the Agenda)


Future Cities Conference 2014:
Abu Dhabi - February 24-25, 2014

The Future Cities Conference 2014 takes place on February 24-25 at Wise Media's seventh Summit on sustainable development and will open its doors under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, H.H. Sheik Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The conference is endorsed by the European Commission and Abu Dhabi Police. The Summit is supported by the Emirates Identity Authority and will be hosted once again by the prestigious and highly influential government organization, the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR). The Future Cities Conference is the world's most exclusive thought leadership symposium on advanced applications in the areas of urban planning, modernization and development, as well as management and deployment of digital solutions in the context of today’s mobilized societies. The Summit will bring together government representatives from around the world, policy makers, pioneering innovators and the leading players in the ICT industry to communicate and share their knowledge, experience and innovations.

Future Cities Conference Agenda (click here to download)

To learn more about the Future Cities Conference 2014 contact the Wise Media's Conference Team at: futurecities(at)

Summit 2020: a vision for sustainable development

Since 2010 we look forward to the key appointment of 2015, when our Working Groups will come together on the occasion of the World Expo taking place in Milan, to synthesize the results of five years of relentless, global investigation and set the goals for the years to come. As our community engages a broader and ever more influential basis of advocates from the public and private sectors, we prepare for a major and memorable edition of the Sustainability Summit in Abu Dhabi on February 24-25, bringing to life the new format of our cardinal event of the year. We prepare for 2015, already looking ahead towards 2020 – the year of the World Expo in Dubai, when new goals will be reached as we join efforts world-wide to collectively progress our society in a direction of sustainable development. We count on your support!

Sustainable Development Awards Ceremony 2013

Sophie B. de la Giroday, President of Wise Media, moderated the CEO Panel on the opening day of Productronica 2013, engaging top industry leaders on the new frontiers of Industry 4.0. On the same occasion, a prestigious ceremony open to all visitors of the world's leading biennial show on electronics manufacturing revealed the names of this year's winners of the Sustainable Development Awards, presented in Munich on November 12. The Awards were assigned to outstanding individuals who have distinguished themselves for leadership and vision during the last 12 months for the following categories: Electronics Day, Future Cities, Resources, Infrastructures, Aero Innovation, Automotive Innovation.

[About the Awards] [Final report]

New Avenues of Growth for today’s manufacturers

Revisiting design and Manufacturing paradigms in light of emerging concerns regarding competitiviness and enviromental impact has been the key effort carrie out in the first semester of 2013 on the occasion of Electronics day events.

The SEM Working Group kicked off a new chapter of investigation and knowledge-sharing in San Diego on February 20. The debate engaged the broader audience at the “Electronics Day” on April 17 in Nuremberg and May 29 in Milan, when thought leaders shared their vision and debated key industry concerns on the occasion of two conferences:
- Electronics Day in Nuremberg on April 17 supported by EIPC, on the occasion of SMT 2013;
- Electronics Day in Milan on May 29, once again supported by IMAPS, IEEE and ANITEC, on the occasion of QUID Innovation Italy .


Nuremberg, April 17: [Agenda] [Final Report]

Milan, May 29: [Agenda] [Final Report]

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Future Cities EMEA's resounding success
Final Report from Abu Dhabi

The Future Cities Working Group started the year at Wise Media's sixth EMEA Summit in the UAE on February 11-12 at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research. Organized by Wise Media and hosted by the UAE Government, the event was attended by 525 high-profile delegates and saw representatives from public administrations world-wide engage in an open debate on the future of urban aggregates within our evolving and interconnected societies. The debate connects continents with Future Cities Americas later in the year on September 26-27 in Rio de Janeiro.

[Call for Papers FC Americas] [Final Report FC EMEA] [Agenda Future Cities EMEA] [Brochure Future Cities]

Calendar of international events in 2013

Wise Media invites you to join the Working Groups debating sustainable development strategies, policies and projects in the context of Future Cities, Infrastructures, Electronics and Resources. Get engaged in an influential community of decision makers in the public and private sectors and help us develop vision and drive towards our global goal: Abu Dhabi, UAE (February 11-12), San Diego, US (February 20), Nuremberg, Germany (April 17), Milan, Italy (May 29), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (September 26-27) and Munich, Germany (November 13).

[contact the organizers to receive information and to register as a participant]

June 2012: the month of Urban Security

The Future Cities Working Group is carrying out a concentrated effort to produce a synthesis of its investigation surrounding the topic of "Urban Security". Following the debate that took place during the dedicated appointments in Rio de Janeiro and Milan, representatives of public authorities and private organizations are invited to contribute to the gathering of information and data that will be screened to produce a series of articles and a comprehensive paper on today's issues and developments in the context of the modern metropolis - a "Manifest on Urban Security".

[Download brochure of the Month of Urban Security]

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Best “Electronics Day” to date sees record audience gather in Milan to join the SEM Working Group

On the occasion of the Sustainability Summit Sessions held in Milan on June 28, 2012, members of the Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing (SEM) Working Group convened for the most successful “Electronics Day” conference organized throughout the last three years setting of horizons for new industry growth through embracing and implementing greener and more sustainable methods of manufacture.

Active participation by key players in electronic manufacturing at the “Electronics Day” held on the occasion of the Sustainability Summit Sessions at QUID Innovation Italy, saw luminaries gather to envision how technology and innovation can enable and advance sustainable electronics manufacturing through both existing and disruptive technologies.

Milan is preparing to host the upcoming World Expo in 2015 and in consideration of its significant focus on sustainable development, Wise Media hosted its third “Electronics Day” in Italy after the recent appointments in Nuremberg, Munich and San Diego. [Read the Final Report]

Future Cities 2012:
Appointments in
 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Milan, Italy

A conference addressing the topic of Future Cities went live both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in Milan, Italy in June 2012.

Focus of the year was on "Urban Security", with particular emphasis given on one hand to the challenges faced by cities hosting major international events, such as the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014 and the Olympic Games to be hosted in London in 2012 and in Rio de Janeiro in 2016; and on the other hand on access control, traceability, transparent supply chains and product and consumer security in the era of the global village.

Future Cities went live with its first dedicated appointment on urban security on June 4-5 on the occasion of Wise Media’s second global event on ICT driven innovation in Brazil, during the Americas summit on security, mobility and traceability and continued the debate in Europe, on the occasion of the sixth edition of QUID Innovation Italy, on June 27- 28.

The initiative brought together government representatives, urban security providers, city planners, major events organizers, transportation and telecommunications operators, strategic analysts and international experts as well as professional technologists and integrators to develop a lively and participative debate - drawing out future scenarios for the whole high-tech sector to maximize the opportunities offered by this fast emerging area of development.

The conference programs focused on a mix of the following key topics: Transportation Security, Secure ID schemes in the era of Global Mobility, Democratization of Services, Managing Large Scale Public Events, Fighting Illicit Trade, Citizen-centric Services, Securing Trade and Travel, the Future of Mobile, ID in the Digital World, Status of Policies and Stakeholder Involvement, Critical Infrastructures, Urban Monitoring.

SEM Working Group activities in 2012

After an exhilarating 2011, the Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing (SEM) Working Group has announced a series of four live appointments for 2012 to maintain the momentum and create further opportunities

for high-caliber networking and knowledge-sharing. This year’s appointments are:
• SEM Working Group Event in San Diego, on the occasion of IPC Apex Expo (February 29)
• “Electronics Day” in Milan on the occasion of Sustainability Summit Sessions 2012 (June 28)

The goal is to drive one of the most important industries world-wide to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact. Caretakers of the planet, who are serious about making a difference, can involve themselves in this initiative by contacting the organizers.

[contact the organizers]

 Urban Life

The FC
Working Group

 Waste Diversion

Working Group

Energy Sources

The Resources
Working Group

The FC Working Group is a global initiative supporting radical change in the paradigms of urban administration and living. It explores and fosters new opportunities to sustain development, security and mobility via modern and intelligent ICT Infrastructures in the context of today's metropolises. [read more]

The Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing (SEM) Working Group encompasses a series of initiatives throughout the year on different continents to maintain the momentum to drive one of the most important industries world-wide, who are serious about making a lasting difference. [read more]

The Resources Working Group engages the public and private sector in new technological platforms of investigation on how to enhance the world’s resources for economic development through integrated systems and new methods to equip modern societies with tools for sustainable growth. [read more]